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It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a wild and wonderful celebration event or a super straight-laced corporate function; funky halls for hire such as the venue ideas above will bring every type of event to life!  Naturally, we receive hundreds of event enquiries for funky venues from people planning birthday parties, summer events and Christmas parties, although funky venues in London can also hold a wide range of less obvious events! Even if you are planning a more serious event, such as a meeting, conference or exhibition, it is worth checking out London’s funky halls for hire, as they can really help make your event stand out! Just remember the goals of your event and don’t get too carried away, or shift focus onto the venue rather than your message.

Another great thing about funky venues and halls in London is that they can be found in some very surprising places! From the tops of skyscrapers, to underground archways, London is packed full of cool, stylish and funky spaces that can be used for events. We are constantly impressed and surprised by the uncanny ability of London event managers and venue managers to turn practically any funky space into a fit-for-purpose events venue. From mini-golf track, to offices, to abandoned railways, to aquariums, to derelict abandoned churches, to any other plot of land with basically anything at all on it – the #eventprofs of London will find a way to make it an awesome funky space that can be used for most any event you can think of! 

When you start looking at funky venues and seeing the incredible range of wild and wonderful options available, it is easy to get carried away and lose sight of what is important. Just remember to take a step back and consider whether your shortlisted funky venues will help you achieve what you are setting out to do.

If you choose a funky venue with a strong theme then don’t be afraid to roll with it. Ask suppliers to come up with something in-line with the venue theme and make your event congruent from start to finish. Just make sure ideas go through you first, as there is a thin line between tacky and tasteful!

Although our funky halls are awesome and well worth splashing out on for many event briefs, remember not to skimp on other elements of your event. A super funky venue that everyone loves is only great if catering, production and content of the event are also up to up to scratch!

Some of the more bizarre funky venues can often double up as visitor attractions. if your event takes place in the evening on a day that a venue is open to public then be aware that you will be in for a mad rush to get everything set up. This is usually achievable but be prepared to hire a few extra bodies and potentially compromise with anything that requires time to set up.

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Funky Event Ideas

Funky venues and halls for hire are a lot of fun and treat your guests to something they may not have experienced before. From helping our clients plan hundreds of events, we have experienced some astonishing events that have made full use of funky venues in an unusual way. So get in touch with our team of event planning experts for more ideas about the types of funky venue that could work for your event brief. 

Some of our favourite events that we have overseen include a seminar at an indoor ski slope, a prom in an aquarium, a summer-themed Christmas party in a tikki bar venue and an edgy conference in a fully Aztec themed restaurant. 

There are hundreds of funky venues to choose from for your event but only a handful that are perfect for it, so let our team help you plan an unforgettable event!